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Website decommissioning postponed for 60 days

Now listed for March 1st, 2022
Owing to the COVID-19 Omicron Variant outbreak, the closure of this website has been deferred.

However, several of the website's sections have been removed. The site is also now more specifically aimed at people residing in Australia.

The reason for those removals is that many government assistance programs have ceased to operate and also because the continuing dangers associated with COVID-19 are now more generally better known and understood by the public at large.

If the pandemic’s situation changes again and we see a need, this decision will be re-evaluated.
Home-Care Guidelines for COVID-19
From the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP)

Managing COVID-19 at home with assistance from your general practice

A guide, action plan and symptom diary for patients

This PDF document may assist you to cope with home-care while you or a household member is dealing with COVID-19 infection and its consequent symptoms.

You should also check with your State or Territory's Health Department to see if they have any:

* Additional advice on home-care,

* Health Department based home support services, or

* Any mandatory reporting requirement for cases detected using Rapid Antigen Test Kits.
Maintaining Situational Awareness

The COVID-19 situation is constantly changing, and it is essential you stay up to date on the response to the pandemic.

To maintain accurate situational awareness, you must actively seek, consistently monitor, and cross-reference information from multiple sources. Situational awareness is simply knowing what is going on around you, but it needs to be planned, systematic and maintained. Without those key actions, it is very easy to lose your situational awareness.

However, it does not have to be obsessive or excessive. Vigilance is a good strategy, but hyper-vigilance can be harmful by causing you to become unnecessarily stressed and distressed.
Caution on Rumour & Fake News

Rumour, speculation, misinformation, disinformation (including conspiracy theories) will only generate unnecessary concern, fear and stress. These types of informational corruptions will detract from rational measures being taken, or that will be taken for your own protection and everybody else's.

Be keenly aware of your information sources, their knowledge (authoritative and informed as opposed to simply casual or uninformed opinion), and their intent in providing information.

Refer to the fact check links above or make your own investigations using a wide range of reputable sources.
How to Protect Yourself & Others

You should only follow instructions and directions given by official and competent agencies.

Comply fully with those instructions or directions. If unsure about an issue, seek further information or clarification from a competent source.
It will take a little while, but the world will get through this

Please advise of any broken links by their title and not by their URLs
This website was established as a community service for Australians. It provides a centralised location with hopefully helpful weblinks to various official information and service sites concerning the Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and its consequent disease (COVID-19).

We will endeavour to keep the links and videos current but cannot guarantee it. If broken or out-of-date links are found, please use the Contact Us form to tell us about it.